Arising from legal obligations dictating municipal conduct, the department’s mission is legal in nature and consists in ensuring the application of laws, procedures and policies, notably as they relate to the management of the Town, elections and referendums, municipal taxation, access to documents and personal information and finally, to the development of the territory and urban planning.

At your service

The court clerk is assisted in his duties by an assistant court clerk and secretary as well as by an archivist.

Fields of intervention

Given the nature of its mandates, the department interacts with both citizens and members of the municipal organization. Its mandates relate to:

  • meetings of the Municipal Council
  • municipal elections and referendums
  • official documents such as public notices, official notices, municipal by-laws
  • legal counsel to the entire organization
  • the municipality’s legal files
  • claims against the Town
  • access to information
  • archives
  • sales for taxes and auctions.