Secret Gardens Tour

Secret Gardens Revealed
2017 edition

Civic pride, environmental and community commitment lie at the heart of an original event held once a year in Rosemère. Sunday, July 16 marked the 18th edition of the annual Secret Gardens Tour. At that time, ten or so private properties were open to the public, allowing visitors to discover horticultural arrangements, each more splendid than the last, in an event that reflects the harmony of the community and an outpouring of solidarity.

For the occasion, the magnificent heritage building known as the Hamilton House opened its doors to visitors. In this charming pastoral setting where local artists exhibit their works, they were welcomed by members of the municipal council, while young musicians from the area performed.

It should be noted that all proceeds from this event will be donated to "Les Petits Plaisirs", an organization providing services essential to the quality of life of the region’s families with a disabled child.

More than a tour of Rosemère’s most beautiful gardens, this special event embodies Rosemère’s slogan, inviting elected officials, residents and artists to Live, Blossom, Grow together… and emerges as an incentive to share.

What’s happening

  • 2018 Rosemère Budget
  • Roadwork Info
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Water Meter Reading
  • Citizen Participation