The department’s mission is to provide and to keep in good condition all municipal infrastructures, to meet the Town’s and resident’s needs and to ensure the security of their users. It also provides support services on various municipal activities.

At your service

In addition to the director, the department relies on two secretaries, a roads foreman, a parks and green spaces forewoman, an individual in charge of waterworks and the sewer system, a technical coordinator, an eco-consultant, a civil engineering technician, a draughtsman, a head mechanic, and several blue-collar workers as well as a few auxiliary workers.

Infrastructures and equipment

The department has a municipal garage housing its administrative offices, vehicle maintenance and repair facilities, and a storage site. In addition, it has several vehicles and other pieces of equipment used to carry out various tasks. Finally, an Ecocentre is available to the public.

Fields of intervention

Within the framework of its daily activities, the department ensures, among others:

  • the evaluation and planning of current and future needs in terms of municipal infrastructures
  • the evaluation, maintenance and repair of the road network and ditches, the lighting and sign systems, and all municipal infrastructures
  • the implementation of roadsigns and markings standards and the request analysis for additions or changes
  • the maintenance and repair of parks, green spaces, skating rinks and urban furnishings
  • the management of environmental programs (insect control, pesticide by-laws, one birth one tree, environmental policy, etc.)
  • the construction or reconstruction, maintenance and repair of municipal buildings
  • the maintenance and repair of the fleet of municipal vehicles
  • the management of all domestic waste and of the Ecocentre
  • the technical support to special events involving the municipality.

Grant program

for reducing consumption of drinking water

The APPLICATION FORM is available in the right column of this page, under "Grant - Low-flow equipment - Form" 

Intent on protecting this invaluable resource, the Town of Rosemère has adopted a new program of financial assistance for the purchase of low-flow units. 

You can benefit from it now, provided the acquisition and replacement occurred after July 14, 2014. Units that qualify and amounts allocated are:

  • Certified WaterSence shower heads ($10)
  • WaterSence kitchen or bathroom faucets ($25)
  • Toilets consuming less than 6 litres of water per flush ($60)
  • High Efficiency (HET) double-flush toilets or toilets consuming no more than 4.8 litres per flush ($75)  
The addition of a device reducing the consumption of an existing unit is not eligible. 

First come, first served. The maximum amount allocated by the Town for this program in 2014 is $7,500. Beyond this amount, the Town reserves the right to adjust the program or to refuse any application. 

To benefit from the financial assistance provided, simply complete the form found on the right column of this page, under "Grant - Low-flow equipment - Form", and forward it to the Technical Services, Public Works and Environment Department, at 190 Charbonneau Street, Rosemère, QC J7A 3W1. The application form must be accompanied by a legible copy of the detailed invoice as well as two photographs measuring at least 7.5 x 13 cm, signed and dated on the back — one of the old unit and one of the new unit. The owner must also allow a municipal representative to check the information provided on site. 

The Town sincerely hopes that many Rosemère homeowners will make the most of this new program to replace their regular-flow units.

Technical info: Public Hygiene, 450 621-3500, ext. 4256