Environmental Policy

The Town of Rosemère has traditionally taken a leadership role in the area of environmenta protection. For example, it holds an enviable position with regards to the protection of its natural environment and boasts a recycling rate that ranks among the best in the MRC. What’s more, it has always made its living environment the focus of its interventions. Once farmland, the generations that preceded us succeeded in developing the area while preserving large areas on which they planted many trees of different varieties, giving our territory a country flavour that contributes significantly to a quality of life valued by its citizens and to its fine reputation.

Family Policy

We all know the value and importance of the family, as well as the vital role that it plays—not only in allowing individuals to reach their full potential but also in the very development of society itself. The realities with which families are confronted have considerably changed over recent years. New issues are emerging—such as family/work life balance—and these are calling for the implementation of innovative measures.

Cultural Policy

In early 2003, the Town of Rosemère undertook the development of its first true cultural policy. A committee then proceeded to map out a plan and timetable, as well as carry out the initial steps. Next, the municipality called on the expertise of the Conseil de la Culture des Laurentides (Laurentians Cultural Council).

Contract Management Policy

The primary objective of this policy is to ensure citizens that monies allocated to the acquisition of goods and services is spent in keeping with sound administrative principles.


A summary of current municipal by-laws.