The Town of Rosemère has long been known for the legendary beauty of its territory and celebrated for the prosperity and harmony of its community life. This sense of beauty and harmony is transmitted throughout the urban landscape and in the many arts, socio-cultural and recreational sports activities hosted by the city. Located on the magnificent Mille-Îles River and easily accessible from highways 13, 15 and 640, Rosemère has become a major business centre for the region. Another important factor is that Rosemère's municipal tax rate is one of the lowest in all urbanized regions of Quebec.

We would be pleased to welcome you in Rosemère, a town where people live together in harmony.

Ideal Geographical Location

Lying north of Montreal and Laval and on the Mille-Îles River, Rosemère used to be a much-preferred vacation resort within a tranquil, rural setting. With the construction of the nearby highway system—in particular highways 15 and 640—Rosemère has become a major regional economic player. Despite its impressive economic growth, Rosemère has been jealously guarding its much-coveted country-like character.

Outstanding Community Services

Aside from its numerous businesses, Rosemère provides its citizens with outstanding private and public school services in both English and French, including church services catering to a wide range of religious beliefs.

Rosemère also offers high quality municipal services in functional, modern facilities. As well, Rosemère's well-organized parklands cover an area which by far exceeds the generally acknowledged standards for urban green space.

Benefiting from the generous support of a host of volunteer organizations, Rosemère is valued and praised for the unequalled quality of its community life. From outdoor festivities and sports events to cultural activities and arts exhibitions—including a library and a choir—there is plenty of entertainment for locals and visitors to enjoy alike.

Environmental Issues

Highly aware of environmental safety and health questions, Rosemère has been pressing on with a number of projects and by-laws to protect and promote a safe living space for its residents. Rosemère is a regional leader in environmental issues like pesticide control, composting, selective waste collection, tree planting and various other pro-environment-oriented projects.

Excellent financial health

Rosemère's excellent financial health is another important trait adding to the city's attractiveness. Both financial stability and economic continuity made it possible for Rosemère to maintain one of the lowest tax rates within the Regional County Municipality (RCM). In fact, Rosemère's financial debts lie far below the average level of municipal indebtedness.

Rosemère, an Urban Jewel

After having won several provincial awards in the Villes, villages et campagnes fleuris du Québec Contests, Rosemère also won first prize in the 1995 Communities in Bloom National Contest in the 5,001 to 30,000-inhabitant category. Moreover, Rosemère was also honoured for the quality of its many well-groomed neighbourhood parks.

Rosemère is the only town in Québec ever to have won such a prize. This is the crowning of many years of tireless work and commitment to excellence. Rosemère's primary aim was to offer its residents a life style in which beauty would go hand in hand with the conservation of natural areas. Indeed, Rosemère has reached the summit of achievement thanks to the dedication of its residents and elected members and staff at City Hall to keeping their properties in bloom, clean and trim-looking.

This summit was reached thanks to the commitment of Rosemère's elected representatives to preserve the town's rural character. All fellow citizens were also involved in beautyfying their properties and maintaining them in mint condition. And last, but not least, the many efforts made on a daily basis by the Town employees. Despite a diffcult economic context in which each cent counts, Rosemère is very proud of this master stroke with no real increases to its budget, but rather thanks to the creativity and dynamism of its volunteers, citizens, employees and elected representatives.

Despite the present-day difficult economic climate that calls for every cent to be accounted for, Rosemère is proud of having accomplished this feat without any real budgetary increases. The city could only do so by relying on the creativity and dynamism of the many volunteers, residents, municipal staff and elected council members.

International Relations

With a window onto the world, Rosemère is actively participating in the project Africa 2000, The Municipal Answer, put in place by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Moreover, Rosemère has also established cultural ties with the Toumodi Community in the African Republic of Côte d'Ivoire.

Finally, in 1997, Rosemère was invited to represent Canada at the first "Nations in Bloom" Contest held in England, where it was awarded second prize.