The Municipal Court is a trial court whose mission is to provide local justice easily accessible to citizens. Its jurisdiction includes civil, penal and criminal matters. It exercises its authority on the territory of the towns of Rosemère and Lorraine.

At your service

The department’s court clerk is supported by an assistant court clerk and a clerk. When it sits, the Municipal Court relies on a court registrar, a prosecutor appointed by the Municipal Council as well as a judge named by government decree and under the authority of a head judge. A liaison officer representing the Régie intermunicipale de police also attends court sessions. The court sessions are held in the courtroom of the Rosemère Town Hall.

Fields of intervention

The Municipal Court is subject to provincial and federal laws, including the Code of Penal Procedure, the Criminal Code and legal fees at set rates applied throughout the province.

In penal matters, it:

  • handles the computer entry of infractions, hears the cases and collects fines further to the Highway Safety code and municipal by-laws
  • sees to the execution of judgements rendered, such as the suspension of drivers’ licenses, the issuance of final processes, the offer of compensatory work.

In criminal cases, it:

  • handles the computer entry of infractions by summary proceedings, puts cases on the docket, issues terminations and complaints
  • executes judgements such as the collection of fines, the issuance of incarceration orders, with or without suspension.

Payment of a statement of offence

All statements of offence (tickets) must be paid within thirty days from the date of issue. In the case of statements of offence relating to road safety and issued on the territory of the towns of Rosemère and Lorraine, payment may be made in any one of the following manners:


By Internet

A)    Click here to access online payment using Constats express (express tickets).

This payment method requires the use of a Visa or MasterCard credit card.


B)    Caisses Desjardins website (if subscribed)


C)    Banque Nationale website (if subscribed)


By mail

Rosemère Municipal Court

100 Charbonneau Street

Rosemère, Québec J7A 3W1

This method allows payment by cheque or money order payable to the Town of Rosemère.


In person

A)    At the Rosemère Municipal Court

100 Charbonneau Street

Rosemère, Québec J7A 3W1

Payment can be made by cheque, Visa or MasterCard credit card, Interac or cash (no coin payment will be accepted).


B)    At most financial institutions in Québec.