The General Directorate encompasses the Human Resources Department as well as the Computer Department.


The mission of the General Management is to plan, direct and control the administration’s overall activities, ensuring respect and application of the Municipal Council’s orientations and policies in interventions carried out by every department. It structures services to maximize performance and rationalize the organization’s expenses, and sees to the application of the laws and by-laws, which govern these.

At your service

The general director and an administrative assistant carry out their functions on a full-time basis.

Fields of intervention

The General Management oversees all municipal services. It serves as a drive belt transmitting the Municipal Council’s orientations and policies. This department is involved in:

  • providing information and recommendations to the Municipal Council on all aspects relating to municipal services
  • ensuring that decisions taken by the Municipal Council are respected and implemented
  • coordinating exchanges among departments
  • evaluating the performance of the various departments
  • managing petition files delegated by the Council
  • maintaining relations and establishing various agreements with committees, commissions, agencies, associations, municipalities, government ministries and the general public.