The mission of the Finance Department is to ensure the sound financial management of the municipality, assuming legal responsibility for all funds. Among other things, it must see to it that taxation laws are applied and ensure that income and expenditures are accounted for, in compliance with municipal accounting standards established by the provincial government.

At your service

The Finance Department consists of the treasurer and an assistant as well as five other employees: a secretary, two accounting technicians, a tax clerk and a cashier. All of these are full-time positions, although the services of one of the two technicians is shared with the Human Resources Department.

Fields of intervention

Applying the financial policies of the Municipal Council, the Department covers several spheres of activity:

  • updating the municipal assessment roll in conjunction with an outside firm, and its taxation application
  • providing information to citizens and professionals regarding properties
  • preparing and mailing tax bills and collecting municipal taxes
  • controlling expenditures, constantly reviewing and entering data as well as preparing financial statements
  • coordinating, reviewing and analyzing the annual budget.