Let’s Fight the Emerald Ash Borer

This devastating exotic insect originates in Asia. Its presence was first confirmed in Rosemère in 2014 and emerald ash borers were found in most traps installed in 2015. This insect can now be found throughout our territory and the number of centres of infestation is rapidly growing. A genuine threat to our urban forest, which has more than 10,000 ash trees, including some 2,000 on our streets and in our parks, and another 6,000 to 8,000 on private property. According to Natural Resources Canada, 98% of ash trees attacked will die within five years from the start of an infestation in a given area.

Therefore, it has become urgent for us to ensure the survival of our forest.

Pour vous guider dans les étapes de gestion du bois de frêne

Recommended period
Authorized period
Prohibited period


Has my tree been attacked? (observation of woodpecker holes)

Inspection / permit application* (ideal period)

When to treat? (injection of TreeAzin)

When to cut down?** (pruning / cutting down / transportation of the wood)

When to plant? (reforestation and replacement program)

The planting of ash trees is prohibited at all times

























*Once your permit to cut down a tree has been issued, you will receive an ash tree replacement form based on the program in effect.

**Branch pick-ups held in October and November are also for the benefit of citizens who have cut down their trees.

Caution: pruning an ash tree during the prohibited period in summer can make these trees more vulnerable to the emerald ash borer.

Support for dealing with your ash trees

To help you deal with your ash trees and preserve our urban forest, the Town of Rosemère has implemented a Policy on the replacement and treatment of private ash trees. This policy focuses on a three-pronged approach — Treat – Plant – Cut down — that seeks to slow and control the spread of the emerald ash borer.


You can slow the spread of the borer by applying a low-impact insecticide like TreeAzin. The Town offers to help you assess the condition of your ash trees and identify those that can be treated, at your expense, by a specialized firm. A list of these firms can be found at bioforest.ca (the chosen company must be registered with the Town). See the table detailing the financial assistance program for the treatment of private ash trees.


The Town incites residents to replant new varieties. A biannual program calls for the distribution of trees with a trunk diameter of approximately 25 mm. See the table detailing the tree distribution program.

Cut Down

You are responsible for cutting down an ash tree that has been attacked and is diseased. A permit, issued free of charge, is required before cutting down a tree. Do not wait for it to become dangerous before acting. The Town, it should be noted, has implemented additional branch pick-ups, from April to November, to help you dispose of residue from the trees you have cut down.

Planting of trees on public land

To compensate for the loss of ash trees on its streets and in its parks, the Town of Rosemère plans to plant 1,000 trees of different varieties over a 5-year period. Part of its integrated plan of action against the emerald ash borer, this measure will allow the Town to replace 50% of ash trees cut down during this same period and maintain the biodiversity of the urban forest.

The Town offers you two programs


Financial assistance program for the treatment of private ash trees

Tree distribution program

Who is eligible for this program? The owner of any private property in Rosemère on which there are at least 10 ash trees whose diameter is at least 20&Nbsp;centimetres measured at 1.4 metres from the ground. The owner of any private property in Rosemère who has obtained a permit and cut down ash trees on his property.

Program application
  • A grant application can only be submitted once per eligible ash tree.
  • The amount of the grant varies based on the number of treated trees. For a single treated ash tree, a single grant of $100 is paid.
  • For 2 to 10 ash trees, 50% of the treated trees qualify for a grant.
  • For 11 or more treated trees, the grant is 40% with a maximum of $500 per year.
  • The Town will give, free of charge, young trees with a trunk diameter of approximately 25 mm.
  • A property owner can submit an application for each of these programs. However, the combined number of treated or replaced trees cannot exceed 5 per year.

Eligibility criteria and forms

For information on the programs’ eligibility criteria and application forms, go to the Town’s website at: ville.rosemere.qc.ca/public-works/

Why do your share?

Have suggestions?

The Town remains abreast of any project or program that could help in the fight against the emerald ash borer.

Together, let’s fight the emerald ash borer!