In early 2003, the Town of Rosemère undertook the development of its first true cultural policy. A committee then proceeded to map out a plan and timetable, as well as carry out the initial steps. Next, the municipality called on the expertise of the Conseil de la Culture des Laurentides (Laurentians Cultural Council).

At the outset, the municipality seeks to define its actions in this area, assess demand and develop a policy that reflect both its values and resources. These will then be subjected to a public consultation process involving its citizens.

This document recaps the current cultural situation and presents the broad orientations proposed by the cultural policy committee to ensure the future development of arts and culture in the Town of Rosemère.

Table of contents of the Town of Rosemère's policy

  • Foreword
  • Rosemère, a portrait
    • History
    • Geopolitical profile
    • Demographic and socio-economic profiles
    • Cultural history
  • Guiding Principles
  • Mission
  • Orientations
    • Promotion
    • Protection
    • Maintenance and development of partnerships
    • Continuity
    • Support
  • Areas of Intervention
    • Promotion of arts and culture
    • Protection of the architectural and natural heritage
    • Maintenance and development of partnerships
    • Continuity in the support of artistic and cultural activities for citizens of all ages and families
    • Support to professional and developing artists
  • Appendix 1: Law on the professional status of artists
  • Appendix 2: Public hearings attendance list
  • Appendix 3: Report on interventions
  • Acknowledgements and Presentation of the Committee
  • Bibliography